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    Multimedia Rules

    XGN Afterglow X
    XGN Afterglow X

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    Multimedia Rules Empty Multimedia Rules

    Post by XGN Afterglow X on Thu Nov 03, 2011 12:39 pm

    *Signature Rules and Format*
    Banners: 400x50 No larger
    Signatures: 450x150 No larger

    No member is to have more then 3 Signature's, Userbars don't count
    Signatures MAY NOT Have any Drug, Gang or Racist References, And no nudity

    Any signature found in breaking the dimensions limits will be removed, Any signature found in breaking the References will be removed and warned

    *Video Rules*
    As XGN Allows you to post video's on our website, Any video found breaking any rules, Or have Drug, Gang or Racist References along with nudity will be removed and that user will be warned

    If you wish to make video's for the XGN Youtube channels (Coming Soon) Please contact a Xile

    Multimedia Rules Bf3

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